Denna Body Art Candle

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Our body art candles are designed for decorative purposes. display them in your homes for a touch of elegance. I’m told that they have the ability in becoming the perfect conversational piece. Eye catching for sure! Body positivity is a must! 

💫She is hand poured & may come with some slight imperfections & or color variations from photos displayed (for reference only), which make her pretty unique. She is created with soy wax & beeswax. She may have some frosting to the outer layer because of the soy wax. This does not affect candle use, & is a property of all soy high quality waxes.

🕯If you wish to light them, please ensure your candle is placed on an EVEN surface with a heatproof coaster or candle plate, to catch wax droplets or spillage. a beautiful melting song.


  • Size: 4" tall x 2.5" width


  • Lavender Fields - lavender floral, fresh cedar, balsamic wood, jasmine, & powdery musk (infused lavender essential oil)
  • Black Rose - pink pepper, grapefruit, black rose, vanilla & labdanum (infused with essential oils) 



✒️ When burning, keep away from any flammable objects, children and pets and do not leave unattended when burning.