Breakfast In Bed Apothecary Candle

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imagine waking up on a chilly morning, while the sun beamed through your curtains & immediately smelling something delightful in the kitchen. to your surprise a dinner tray with your breakfast favorites positioned neatly next to you. side of maple syrup & plant based butter for the win ☺️

every morning my great grandmother would plan her day thinking about what type of dessert will we have after dinner? my great grandfather was a lover of sweets & my grandmother made sure his sweet tooth was satisfied every evening.

  • Top- butter
  • Middle - cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, cherry
  • Bottom - vanilla, musk, maple syrup


Burn Time: aprox 90 hrs.

 • 16 oz. seamless apothecary glass jar & 100% cork lid

• coconut wax blend 

• phthalate free 

• recyclable & DIY reusable glass jar 

Candle Tip: Make sure your wick is trimmed to about 1/4”. The first time you light it, let it burn until the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the vessel (approx. 2 hrs).

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