Amber Ganja Leaf Candle

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a sophisticated cannabis fragrance.  a very clean, earthy & pleasant type. an unexpected & undeniably sexy candle. the exotic woods & seductive amber gives you rich auntie & uncle vibes while traveling to a beautiful foreign land. 

one summer back in the 90’s my dad was home for a holiday celebration. he & my uncle went out to have some "BIG FUN"!!. they enjoyed some (enough) ganja & some (enough again) adult beverages. They finally got back home after hanging & almost immediately became hungry, so the two rummaged through the kitchen. My dad said nothing was in the house but then they stumbled upon a tray covered in foil & found grandmas stuffed mushrooms with crab meat. they took the tray out & started to go to town. They were sooo good, the two looked down & panicked! They started to spread the remaining mushrooms randomly on the tray, covered it & placed it back into the fridge. Then my grandma came home….👀 How do you think this story ended?😂 




Top: Cantaloupe, Marijuana Leaf
Middle: Marijuana, Hemp Seeds
Base: Musk, Amber, Eastern Cedar



• coconut wax blend 

• toxic & phthalate free 

• recyclable amber glass jar 

Candle Tip: Make sure your wick is trimmed to about 1/4”. The first time you light it, let it burn until the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the vessel (approx. 2 hrs).

ADD TO CART you"ll be happy you did!

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