Pearl's Kitchen

to us she is known as grandma dump but to most she is Ms. Pearl. a no non-sense personality from Virginia that moved her family to Washington D.C. when we were growing up, we always looked forward to our weekends in the city. our fondest memories of our time with grandma was watching her cook up meals in the kitchen. folks stopping by, just to say hello & to see how Neicy’s twins were doing. grandma dump would also offer them a plate to take home. but there was nothing like pop pops homemade crab cakes from scratch smelling up the house!! she was proud to see her grand babies eat & enjoy it!! we learned rather quickly that our family from the country(Virginia), all were phenomenal cooks! 

one of the most important locations in any home is the Kitchen. it seems to be the heart of the household! It can be a place of meet up, counseling session, cooking class, adventure in creating, & stories but most importantly- eat up time that brings our families together! laughter & music covering every inch of the homes corners. over time family can grow up & have their own families; creating new traditions, while holding onto some of what they carry in their hearts.  The centered heart beats of the Home! The Kitchen! Welcome!