our story

my love for candles has brought us to this very moment. the significance on the sense of smell has a power all on its own. each candle in our five collections has a story to tell. the stories help us explain why we’ve chosen each particular scent by capturing a fond memory! as a former photographer, i felt the idea of capturing a memory was oh so relevant in my candles. the idea of these stories keeps flooding my thoughts..my eldest daughter was placed for adoption & because we are in reunion i was drawn to tell her stories of her first family. my idea was to allow her the opportunity to gain love & knowledge of her family with one of our most important senses - smell. i desired for her to know her family & her history with the people i hold very dear to me!...one day I asked my grandmother and her sister, my great aunt, "what reminds you of home in Abilene, Kansas? what scents do you remember growing up with your parents"? two very cute stories were told and Peppermint Tobacco was created. i have to say that i was moved to excitement after creating this candle... upon opening the lid, they both closed their eyes and took in the fragrance- the smiles, the nods and the comments of approval that ensued led me to know that 90 twentysix will be scenting my love each magical memory at a time! 

“what story will you tell the next generation?”

our youngest daughter has sensitive skin & we found it difficult to keep her skin hydrated & moisturized. so mama bear went into action, enduring many long nights of research & family testing but eventually found a way to help alleviate her dry patches. body butter was created in our kitchen. my daughters skin along with my family & friends loved it, just as i had hoped. we’ve recently been able to expand our love of scent & create lifestyle bodycare & with earth’s plants through & through! here at 90 Twentysix we are encouraging everyone to take a moment in honest reflection on what products we are adding on our skin which happens to be the largest organ. 😊 the power that plants possess completely blows my mind. i get so excited in my discovery. how could i pass up a chance to do what i love, & let the plants teach me while sharing with YOU!!



Peace & Love,     


Dawn ❤️

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