candle care tips


to get the best out of your candle. the first burn is the most important. allow the candle's wax pool to burn to the edge of the vessel. you will have an even burn for the life of the candle.  i would suggest two or more hours(this could take longer depending on size of candle). you don't want to create "memory ring"...this is a great tip for all candles. no more than three or four hour intervals of burn time with each lighting.

remember to keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4".  for possible reduction of mushrooming/sooting, you should trim wick before each burn of the candle (some say to invest in wick trimmers - your decision).  but note when trimmed the burn will remain clean all the way to the end.

to extinguish the candle. we recommend using the lid to snuff the flame

for the reusable glass tumbler. it is quite easy to clean and use for whatever your heart desires. 

to burn the candle safely. WARNING

  • burn within sight.  you can't see it? distinguish the flame ;)
  • keep away from things that can catch on fire. heat resistant stable surface(s) only
  • keep away from small children & pets
  • keep wax pool free of debris
  • avoid drafty areas
  • if your candles wax has reached a 1/2 inch in the bottom of jar, you should stop burning it - sorry hard to hear but true. :) -  you can always use a candle warmer to get that last bit
any other questions around these tips and or anything we haven't been able to answer. contact us. .we'd love to hear from you. thank you for your support.  we appreciate you.