Stanley's Home Collection

a life of service. to know him is to love everything about him. could literally turn a frown into a smile with just one joke. he honestly made a new friend wherever he went. no one was a stranger to him. no matter the age, he had a story to share. he could've undoubtedly been the mayor of this small city. every acre of grass land knew him. he was the strongest man you'd ever meet. no tombstone ever got the best of him. even if you didn't need a hair cut, you just wanted to be in the presence of this pillar in our community. the laughter that burst from his belly, you'll never forget. the original mr. fix it...he passed that to his children and right on to the next generation ~ his grandson Jaguar. my awesome husband. but the home was nothing without the matriarch that whisked the house into shape every morning, evening and night. the backbone of her forever husband!

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