Viv's Keys Collection – Signature Collection

music music music. legend has it that she was just three years old when the piano became her first love. she is a student of classical music, she has her favorite composers..names i dare not even attempt to pronounce. the piano was her solace. her safe space. her therapy. she felt her best running her fingers up and down, over and under across those keys. her fingers flew while her mind raced to a calm place a peace that surpassed all understanding. what talent to behold. she is the most beautiful being from a small town in Kansas. she is humble and strong. she has had years of teaching hundreds of children and adults, including teaching her grands and greats the love of music. it wraps around her in style, poise & class. her soul is music. and what a mighty soul it is!

she is honored with a day in our county of residence because her first love has allowed her 40 plus years of service under the power of 88 keys!