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* BODY BUTTERS WILL NOT SHIP BEGINNING April 23rd!!  See you in the fall 🍁



  • organic ingredients create this luxurious body butter. mango, shea & kokum butters to be exact. contains antioxidants, vitamin A, E & essential fatty acids. deeply nourishing. excellent for all skin types but loves to soothe dry skin.
  •  apply on body. a little goes a long way. best results are to spread & massage into the skin after a shower or lovely bath. locking in the moisture.  
  • use it as hand cream.


  • naturally bare unscented for our sensitive skin lovies. three butters are added to this luxurious creation however the shea butter creates the nutty scent. 

  • baby soft - nostalgic baby powder scent. (old fragrance discontinued. new supplier fragrance)
  • coconut & bay leafis so familiar & refreshing Caribbean clear blue water. sophisticated coconut with the bay leaf & its herbal green tones creating a relaxing water crisp fragrance.
  • neroli cedarwood A perfect balance between sweet jasmine, bright citrus, & cedarwood while finished off with a touch of deep patchouli & clove. 
  • honeysuckle jasmine - light. sweet floral aroma. as if you’re walking through a garden, but you are the garden.
  • bleu knight - warm mahogany. cedar leaf. lavender. warm leather. a deep flirtatious smokey scent that is strong & lingers. 


shea butter*, kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil*, jojoba oil(golden)*, calendula oil*, avocado oil*, vitamin e*(non-gmo), arrow root powder*, fragrance & or essential oil. 
*organic or virgin 100% pure 
~body butters made with fragrance oil are 97.5% all natural~
phthalates free ~ parabens free ~ preservative free ~ gluten free
& please ♻️ the jar once you’ve finished your product!
if you experience any irritation, please discontinue use of the product(s). ALSO some ingredients are derived from nut trees. therefore this product might not be best suited for persons with sensitive nut allergies.
+ in the warmer months we have decided not to ship our body butter. the temperatures do not allow for the butter to arrive in its solid form.
we suggest our light weight body oil as a great alternative or additive for you to enjoy all year long 🌿

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